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Direct unpaid clean links to interesting shops and sites other than what Amazon and “search engine algorithms” (Google) put forward to you. We present only interesting sites so you can discover other fine shop owners and key informative websites out there on the web. Please bookmark this site for further key refinements and if you are one of our linked sites please link back here to give our “page ones” more relevancy for you. works to give visitors quick alternative access to the better quality websites presently available on the internet. Making it as simple as possible without the tiring 3rd party descriptions to get to the best popular informative and leading websites. We strive to improve the quality of our links everyday and remove poor sites if required. We only use their snippet of information and logo (if available) in order for you to be able to access the best sites directly without 3rd party clutter and to allow you to decide if they are worthy of your valuable time. We like to cut the clutter out of the approximately 2.5 quintillion bytes of data created each day on the internet. So you stay out of the weeds during your search of mainstream topics. These links are not paid for and are researched individually through common ranking information and validation that is freely accessible.

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We don’t like to waste peoples time by adding to the billions and billions of words piled into the internet. Sorry for taking up any time that you may be trying to spend looking for things of interest for you. That is where we think we can save you time by surfing quickly through the wide choice of popular main stream topics on our site. Many times it’s faster to click in and out (if need be) of a particular website than reading a long description of a site that is recommended, to find it isn’t what your looking for.  With optimized clear design and reading the very least possible, just one click enables you to find out if it’s compelling enough to continue. It’s the best way to discover great variety quickly. makes searching for and finding cool trendy shops and key top level information sites simple and it really can’t be more simple, for our visitors. Finding key knowledgeable places online from shoe stores to watches, or jewelry shops, or the most prominent leading websites in their respective areas is made quickly available with direct (unpaid links), enabling you to quickly investigate shops to see if it is the type you find valuable enough to continue on visiting. Not every site arrived at will be suitable every time, but you may find that there is enough variation within each of bvsiness’s categories for you to be able to discover great new places quickly that you might never have had the opportunity to land on. So go ahead, see what you can quickly find. really is in some ways a quicker surf than google.

We cut the through the seaweed so you can surf!
We update our links daily to improve quality.

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