With world record stores closing and shifting ground in media expression, online commerce is now the lifeline for more and more.

While this may be an opportunity for struggling stores and communicators to find some new ground, all are subject to the whims of a specific agendized search algorithm leaving many vulnerable at scale.
In light of these challenges, BVSINESS™ is advancing our plan to have the showcasing of quality merchants and media leaders on an equal footing for consumers to discover.

Before you Google, check out these iconic and direct unpaid links to interesting shops and services, lifestyle websites and business websites other than what facebook, Amazon, Wal-Mart and “search engines” decide to put forward to you. (Most of which are entirely capable of meeting your local needs).

This home page is a loose example of some the great online stores that are fighting for your attention and a piece of the Amazon/Google pie (as well as some random leading websites of 2020 if you’re adventurous). This site is then further disseminated into tighter respective categories for you to discover specific products, services and ideas within our defined and ever growing categories.

Retailers please link back to us as this helps us to stay viable, where your link is on a completely simple equal footing with the others listed here. (A browser refresh randomizes the order each time).